At Affinity Lawyers, we see many clients who do not have a current will, and know that they should have one – but have not found the time to complete it.

The start of a new year is a great time to take stock of your circumstances and arrange the unattended tasks from 2016 to be completed and finalised for a fresh start.  It also makes it easier to remember to review your will if you have it done on an easily remembered occasion or date (such as the new year or on a birthday).

One of Affinity Lawyers goals in 2017 is for all of our valued clients to have a valid will in place, which:

  • accurately reflects their wishes;
  • takes into account their individual circumstances including but not limited to: current asset holdings, company/trust structures, children/guardianship issues, blended families, former spouses/de facto partners and children from earlier relationships, excluding beneficiaries, leaving assets or funds to a charity;
  • considers changes to circumstances since previous wills have been drafted including births, deaths, marriages and/or divorce/separations within the family, and the acquisition and disposal of property.

We encourage you to take the time to read through our previous articles in relation to these matters (see links below for your ease of reference), and perhaps take some time over the break to consider your estate planning requirements and then attend an appointment at our office to discuss your needs with one of our experienced and professional estate planning lawyers.

Affinity Lawyers’ experienced and professional solicitors can provide you with comprehensive and tailored legal advice and we are happy to offer you an initial obligation-free consultation to discuss your estate planning matters free of charge.  Please contact our friendly team on 07 5563 8970 today to make an appointment.