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Affinity Lawyers is a full service Law Firm at Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast, providing clients with legal advice in a vast number of areas, including:-

Affinity Lawyers Commercial & Business Lawyers on the Gold Coast will ensure that all legalities are covered, and that all you have to do is focus on your business.

Our Gold Coast employment and unfair dismissal lawyers provide advice on all aspects of employment and unfair dismissal law.

Affinity Lawyers on the Gold Coast has the ability to provide clients with the most comprehensive and up to date legal advice, at the highest level of service standards available.

Affinity Lawyers on the Gold Coast offers a highly skilled Litigation and Dispute Resolution department which can provide a range of tailored strategic solutions for our client’s legal problems, with a specific focus on our clients individual needs and requirements.

Affinity Lawyers on the Gold Coast has an experienced and professional property law team which has assisted tens of thousands of Queensland residents and investors in buying and selling their properties, all types of leasing matters, resolving tenancy, boundary and fencing disputes and title registrations.

Boutique law firm Affinity Lawyers on the Gold Coast have a dedicated professional and experienced team in place who are ready to assist our clients with their estate planning and asset protection needs, as well as drafting wills and testamentary trusts.


Located at Runaway Bay, our team of lawyers are class leaders in various fields of law, including Litigation, Family Law, Property Law, Commercial Law, Wills & Estates, and Employment Law. Our commercial/residential conveyancing and Wills and Estate Lawyers are also one of the most experienced and professional on the Gold Coast, successfully completing thousands of transactions each year for very satisfied clients.

Specific information regarding our Law Firm and legal practice areas are located under our ‘Professional Services‘ tab.

Ultimately, our mandate is defined as uncompromising attention to the needs and interests of our clients, together with the provision of powerful, cost effective and strategic legal solutions. We are committed to maintaining and investing in the individuals and businesses that we represent and whom we assist in their growth and strategic direction.

Our Gold Coast Lawyers are proud members of the Queensland Law Society and are available to assist when required and if you would like further information on any of Affinity Lawyers range of services, or you would like to discuss your individual requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 5563 8970 or email us at admin@affinitylawyers.com.au.

What our clients say...

Whether it is estate planning, commercial transactions, property law or employment law the team at Affinity Lawyers have such knowledgeable and approachable Solicitors.

Dr Anna Williams

Exceptional service and astute solicitors –the Law Firm other Lawyers use when required.

Graeme Yelland


When you require a lawyer with the highest level of strategic litigation acumen, Affinity Lawyers are unrivalled.

Richard Fitzgerald

Gold Coast Business Owner

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Changes to Company


Changes to company operations are at the forefront of the Government’s agenda with the recent release of a draft bill, which proposes to allow companies to benefit from provisions in the Electronic Transactions Act 1999, which had previously been restricted. When the Corona virus pandemic began to sweep through Australia, the Government swung into action…

0October 28, 2020October 28, 2020
Off the plan


What is an off the plan purchase? Generally speaking, when you purchase a property “off the plan”, you are purchasing a property that is not yet built, but is being proposed to be built in accordance with plans that have been drafted by a surveyor, and which show what the proposed property will look like…

0October 28, 2020October 28, 2020


Separation can be one of the most emotionally charged, traumatic events that can occur in a person’s life and the devastating effects are often amplified when there are children involved.  No matter the length of the relationship, the breakdown of a relationship can be hard enough to deal with on its own, without having to…

0October 28, 2020October 28, 2020
Workplace Loophole


A workplace loophole has been identified, and casual workers throughout Australia are likely to be in a much better position moving forward, after a landmark decision was handed down by the Federal Court earlier this year.  A subsequent decision handed down by the full bench of the Federal Court has since confirmed that that the…

0September 11, 2020October 22, 2020
Testamentary Trust


A Testamentary Trust is essentially a trust that comes into effect upon the death of the testator (will-maker) and can be a useful estate planning arrangement in situations where extra flexibility is needed when the estate is disbursed to beneficiaries, such as circumstances where the beneficiaries are employed in high risk occupations (where their personal…

0September 11, 2020October 22, 2020
Buying a Business


Buying a business?  If you are looking at buying a business or are in the process of buying a business, then there are a multitude of things you will need to consider. Not only should the typical pre-purchase due diligence enquiries be made, but some more in-depth matters (which are often glossed over or forgotten…

0September 11, 2020October 22, 2020

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