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Commercial & Business

Affinity Lawyers Commercial & Business Lawyers on the Gold Coast will ensure that all legalities are covered, and that all you have to do is focus on your business.

Employment & OH&S

Our Gold Coast employment and unfair dismissal lawyers provide advice on all aspects of employment and unfair dismissal law.

Family & De facto Relationships

Affinity Lawyers on the Gold Coast has the ability to provide clients with the most comprehensive and up to date legal advice, at the highest level of service standards available.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Affinity Lawyers on the Gold Coast offers a highly skilled Litigation and Dispute Resolution department which can provide a range of tailored strategic solutions for our client’s legal problems, with a specific focus on our clients individual needs and requirements.

Property & Real Estate

Affinity Lawyers on the Gold Coast has an experienced and professional property law team which has assisted tens of thousands of Queensland residents and investors in buying and selling their properties, all types of leasing matters, resolving tenancy, boundary and fencing disputes and title registrations.

Wills & Asset Protection

Boutique law firm Affinity Lawyers on the Gold Coast have a dedicated professional and experienced team in place who are ready to assist our clients with their estate planning and asset protection needs, as well as drafting wills and testamentary trusts.


Our professional team of lawyers are class leaders in various fields of law, including Litigation, Family Law, Commercial Law, Wills & Estates, and Employment Law. Our commercial and residential conveyancing team are also one of the most experienced and professional on the Gold Coast, successfully completing thousands of transactions for very satisfied clients.

Specific information regarding our legal practice areas are located under our ‘Professional Services’ tab.

Ultimately, our mandate is defined as uncompromising attention to the needs and interests of our clients, together with the provision of powerful, cost effective and strategic legal solutions. We are committed to maintaining and investing in the individuals and businesses that we represent and whom we assist in their growth and strategic direction.

Our Gold Coast Lawyers are available to assist when required and if you would like further information on any of Affinity Lawyers range of services, or you would like to discuss your individual requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 5563 8970 or email us at admin@affinitylawyers.com.au.

What our clients say...

Whether it is estate planning, commercial transactions, property law or employment law the team at Affinity Lawyers have such knowledgeable and approachable Solicitors.

Dr Anna Williams

Exceptional service and astute solicitors –the Law Firm other Lawyers use when required.

Graeme Yelland


When you require a lawyer with the highest level of strategic litigation acumen, Affinity Lawyers are unrivalled.

Richard Fitzgerald

Gold Coast Business Owner

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Following on from last months article which raised issues which may arise in the social media arena, we thought that a quick overview on what a trade mark is, and how these can affect a business in the e-commerce world or through social media. So what is a trade mark? A trade mark is essentially…

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While our Gold Coast Conveyancing and Property team settle hundreds of conveyancing transactions each month, and know all of the ins and outs of the process, we understand that buying or selling a house is not an every day occurrence for our clients and often, our clients don’t know what actually happens on settlement day….

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Affinity Lawyers experienced Wills & Estate Lawyers have written many articles on the importance of having a current Will, however we are still finding many people don’t properly understand the pitfalls and ramifications that can occur if they were to die without a Will. What happens if I die without a Will? Essentially, if you…

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