Act wields power over weapons

Act wields power over weapons

There are now tougher controls and strict penalties for weapons-related offences. Currently Queensland laws require the registration of weapons and licensing of persons in possession of them.

Weapons covered in the legislation include firearms, laser pointers, possession of bladed weapons such as a ballistic knife or butterfly knife in a public place or school, and knives concealed in items such as a walking stick.

In 2008, a review of the Weapons Act 1990 – Weapons Regulations 1996 and Weapons Categories Regulation 1997 – was undertaken. This involved extensive stakeholder engagement comprising of more than 2,500 online comments and submissions from individuals and organisations. The review recommended significant changes to the Act to make it easier to read and understand, and as a result the Act and its Regulations were re-writte n.

In March 2011, the Queensland Government announced its intention to make changes to the Weapons Act in two stages. This was to ensure any amendments would strike a balance between the need for community safety and the legitimate interests of weapon users and owners.

On 12 May the first stage of these changes was introduced to Queensland Parliament.

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